Fresh Roasted Coffee

Change in Bag Size

Nov 11, 2014

We are now packing coffee in 250g bags instead of the previous 227g size

We used a 227g size bag for the smaller bags for the past few years as this allowed us to send a single bag of coffee using An Post mailing service at a reasonable cost.


However, like everything else, postal charges have increased substantially since we started out. We are now no longer using An Post and have switched to using a courier company.


As we are no longer constrained by An Post tariffs according to package weight, it no longer makes sense to pack the coffee in 227g bags. From today we will use a larger 250g coffee weight for the smaller bags. There will be a charge of €3.50 to send from 1 to 3 bags and €4.50 to send from 4 to 6 bags with orders above a value of €40 qualifying for free postage. 

Four Coffees, Four Origins, Four Processing Methods

Nov 2, 2014

We are very pleased to offer four new crop coffees on the Mojo Webstore

We are really pleased with the present offering of four new coffees, which feature coffees from four different origins each processed using a different method. From Brazil we have some new crop Fazenda Pantano, a coffee we have stocked for a few years now and it is a fine yellow bourbon coffee processed using a pulped natural method. From Colombia we have a washed Caturra with all the bright refreshing acidity you would expect from this coffee. From Ethiopia we have a wonderful natural from the Yirgacheffe region and last but not least we have a honey processed coffee from the Peralta farm in Nicaragua. Last year we selected a natural processed coffee from this farm and this year we have chosen a red honey processed micro-lot. Honey processed are categorized according to the amount of mucilage left on the seed during drying; a red honey processed coffee means that around 80% of the mucilage is left of the seed during drying compared to say a yellow honey which has around 50% mucilage remaining during the drying process.