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PayPal Only Now Live

Jun 30, 2016

We have now implemented the use of PayPal as the exclusive payment method for the Mojo webstore

At the start of this month we let you know that we would be removing the facility of paying directly by credit and debit cards and instead would be offering PayPal as the exclusive payment platform.  This change has gone live from today. 

Payment Methods

Jun 1, 2016

We will be switching to PayPal as the exclusive payment platform during the month of June

Since introducing PayPal as a payment option back in March 2015, most of our customers switched to the use of this payment platform for their online orders. Paying directly by card has a card verification procedure which many customers have found to be cumbersome. We have therefore we have decided to use PayPal as the exclusive payment method on the site. You will not need to have a PayPal account to use this service and can continue to use your credit or debit cards via the PayPal platform.