Next to selection of beans, one of the most important elements in brewing a great cup of coffee is how you grind your beans. Different brewing methods require different grind settings because the brewing processes vary. Generally the longer water is in contact with the grind the coarser the grind should be, so for example coffee ground for a French Press extraction would be coarser than coffee ground for automatic drip extraction.

Once you grind coffee you increase the surface area of the coffee and while the coffee is exposed to air, it's oxidising and deteriorating.  For a very fine grind such as that used for espresso extraction the staling takes place in the seconds after grinding so there is no quicker way to kill an espresso than to leave the grinds lying around waiting to be extracted.  

We recommend that you grind your coffee just prior to brewing, however we do understand that it may be easier to purchase pre-ground coffee, so we offer a "grind" option. You can choose between drip or French Press (Cafetiere) settings.

Because of the complexities and variation in baskets used for espresso extraction we do not pre-grind beans for espresso extraction.