San Ignacio

Taste Profile

Sweet and slightly floral, very balanced and smooth body, water melon and orange notes



Located in the north of Peru, close to the border of Ecuador, the town of San Ignacio is nestled along the Andes mountain range. With around 15,000 inhabitants, the town is the largest center within a 2-hour driving distance. The area is characterized by steep and lush slopes with winding roads. Agriculture is the driving income in this region, with coffee being one of the main crops. In 2001, 106 coffee farmers came together to set up a cooperative. They longed to commercialize coffee directly with larger buyers, learn from each other in a structured way and hence improve the quality of their coffees: so UNICAFEC was born. 

Nowadays, the cooperative counts a total of 385 members, of which one third is female. Together they handle around 1,100 ha of smallholder coffee plantations, averaging 2-3 ha/farmer. To further improve their coffee quality and productivity they invested in a wetmill, a dry mill, a warehouse and even their own quality control lab.

In 2008, UNICAFEC engaged in a fertilizer program, using organic inputs to increase the productivity per tree.


San Ignacio, Cajamarca


Cooperative UNICAFEC


Catimor, Caturra, Bourbon

Altitude Range

900m - 1750m


Washed, sun dried



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