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New Crop Sumatran

We have just added the new crop Sumatran from the Gegarang village cooperative to our current portfolio of coffees

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Three More Coffees Reviewed by The Table

Mar 23, 2014

Another three Mojo coffees were recently reviewed by the Table Coffee Blog

The first of the trinity to reach the Table was the Ethiopian Adado. Drew Moody, owner of The Table blog, describes the aromatics of the Adado as being "like a blueberry bomb going off in my kitchen". Read the full description here.


Next up was the Rwandan Karengera Cyivugiza. Drews description of this coffee can best be summarized in one word "Wow". This is a coffee that took Drew by surprise. His detailed description of the first few sips start with: "Diving into my first few sips of the coffee immediately post brew, my taste buds are treated with flavors that would make a confectioner gush with adoration. Not only is there a nice raw cocoa nib quality to the flavor, there’s also a thick, decadent chocolate cake quality to it – like a German bundt cake; which of course is compounded by the further flavors of cinnamon, nutmeg, coriander, bakers spices, and brown sugar that show up in the finish of each sip. There’s even a bit of black currant and raisin showing up in the early going." You can read the full description here.


Finally, the Kenyan Gatomboya reached the Table and Drew said that this coffee "may as well have been bottled and served in a wine glass."  Here is how Drew described the coffee on cooling; "As it cools, the similarities to red wine become even more prevalent as the coffee becomes very, very fruit-forward. Luscious, juicy flavors of blackberry, cherry, currant, raisin, very bright purple grape highlights, plum, apple, tart pink grapefruit, and a zesty lemon acidity all wash the flavors up front away to clear some space for a finish of lilac and violet aromatics in the finish." Read the full description here.

Bosque Lya Reviewed by Table in the Corner of the Cafe

Mar 12, 2014

The Finca Bosque Lya has received a great review from the Table in the Corner of the Cafe blog

We were delighted with the review that the Bosque Lya received from the Table in the Corner of the Cafe blog. 


Drew Moody, the owner of the Corner of the Cafe blog, describes Bosque Lya as "an utterly beautiful coffee" and here is an excerpt from his article;


"The Bosque Lya’s aroma is sweet, but crisp. Its scent isn’t a lingering one, but it is an impeccable one, with notes of red fruits, honey, brown sugar, and floral aromatics.

Diving into the cup and my taste buds are taken over by an absolutely beautiful coffee; the quintessential El Salvadoran coffee, in fact—the coffee that other El Salvadoran coffees strive to be. A very sweet blanket of salted caramel and honey spreads over the palate, while, already, silky and juicy notes of pear and apple come sweeping in over the top.

As it cools off, the coffee is taken over by bright fruits that match the aroma in its crispness. The apple and pear that made themselves present up front only intensify with a slightly tart (but very refreshing) and malic acidity, and those lead to further flavors as the dropping temperature peels away layer after layer: cherry, pomegranate, pecan, vanilla, and rose hips.


Medium body; juicy mouthfeel; malic acidity; clean finish."

You can read the full review here

New Crop Sumatran

Mar 10, 2014

We have just added the new crop Sumatran from the Gegarang village cooperative to our current portfolio of coffees

We are pleased to extend our stock of a very popular Sumatran from the Gegarang Village Cooperative with the arrival of the new crop of this coffee. For those who like a full bodied brew with plenty of chocolate notes and a hint of tangerine funk, this will continue to please. This coffee has organic and Fair Trade certification.