Fazenda Pantano

Taste Profile

Sweet, fresh, pleasant peanuts, slight citric acidity with orange notes




This coffee is a great example of a well processed Brazilian pulped natural. A wonderful citrus orange aroma in the ground coffee continues in the taste of the brew and there is plenty of sweetness in the cup. The mild acidity and clean sweet aftertaste make this a very refreshing cup.

Fazenda Pantano is located in the Cerrado region close to the city of Patos de Minas at an altitude of 1,150 meters and covers a total area of 600 hectares. More than 100 hectares of the land are allocated for permanent natural forest reserves.

The coffee plantation has been owned by the Ferrero family for three generations and it is one of the oldest coffee plantations still producing coffee in Brazil. The family are continually experimenting with innovative processing methods and are committed to producing coffees of the highest quality. In 2014 this farm won a prestigious national Award for Sustainability. The Ferrero family philosophy can be summed up in this quote from Wagner Ferrero who runs Fazenda Pantano: “I think the minimum a farmer can do is take care of the land, return to the soil that which it gives us, and think of the future. It’s an exchange. Nature is wise. And vindictive”.

The current offering is a yellow bourbon bean. The coffee is processed using the pulped natural method which means that the cherries are picked and pulped and then immediately dried on African style raised beds. This results in a cleaner cup than natural processed coffee, with brighter notes and a lighter body but with greater complexity. All processing takes place on the farm and the coffee is only hulled at the point of export and packed into grain pro sacks in order to preserve flavour and freshness. 

The farm supports a local school and also funds various training schemes and courses for its staff. It is certified by the Rainforest Alliance. Fazenda Pantano considers the health of their workers a priority; offering health, dental plan, and school for their children. 


The Cerrado, Minas Gerais.


Fazenda Pantano


Wagner Ferrero


Yellow bourbon

Altitude Range

1050m - 1150m


Pulped Natural


2017 - 2018

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