Monte Bonito Espresso

Roast Level: Medium
Region: Colombia, Pitalito, South Huila
Profile: Full bodied espresso with caramel, red fruit, brown sugar, & chocolate notes
Dose: 18.5g
Brew Water: 91 - 92C
Brew Time: 25-30 seconds
Brew Weight: 35g



This coffee, like the previous offering of Rio Magdalena, is grown in the south of Huila, which is known for its ability to produce excellent coffees with interesting and vibrant cup profiles. Its rich soils and growing altitude of 1765 meters combined with annual rainfall of 1200-1500mm allow perfect conditions for coffee to grow.


This lot was selected from one farm of just 6 hectares cultivating approximately 30,000 trees, which is on the larger side of the small producers seen in this area of Colombia. At the Monte Bonito collective the farmers are invested in quality and improving the standards of coffee they produce to fetch higher premiums for the coffee they deliver. They receive regular help from Banexport through agronomy training and best practices, as well as receiving the feedback on their coffees and how they cup.


During the harvest here, only the ripest cherries that has reached the right colour of maturity will be picked. On one tree, there will be multiple stages of ripeness requiring good knowledge and precise picking to ensure they collect cherry to produce the best coffee. Once the ripe cherries have been selected, the farmer then mechanically de-pulps the coffee before it undergoes a double dry fermentation over 36 hours. Once complete, the coffee then undergoes 4 washes to fully remove all the mucilage before it is placed on parabolic driers for between 10-15 days to dry the parchment down to below 11.5%. They then leave the coffee to rest in the parchment on raised pallets in coffee sacks to settle. When ready, they deliver the coffee to the collection station of Banexport in the town of Pitalito, where a further 3 x moisture readings are taken to ensure it meets the required level, before assessment for defects and then roasting and cupping  for full evaluation. It is this attention to detail that enables the selection of high quality coffees and rewards the farmers for producing coffee of such high standards.


Pitalito, South Huila


Monte Bonito


Monte Bonito Coop


Caturra, F6

Altitude Range





2016 -2017

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