Finca Monteblanco Espresso

Roast Level:  Medium 
Region:  Colombia
Profile:  Sweet smooth full bodied espresso with notes of pineapple & winey acidity
Dose:  18-20g
Brew Water:  92-94C
Brew Time:  25-30 seconds
Brew Weight:  25-35g



Finca Monteblanco is located in the state of Huila which is in the southern part of Colombia where the Andes Mountains form a knot. It is here, where the three Andes mountain ranges split into western, central and eastern sierras leading up to northern Colombia. The Monteblanco Estate is located in Southern Huila, close to the town of San Adolfo.


The farm is owned by Rodrigo Sanchez and his wife, Claudia Milena Samboni Beltrán and daughter Natlia. The Sanchez family are passionate about coffee and are extremely dedicated to the quality of the coffee they produce. Added to that, is the knowledge that has been passed onto him by previous generations, who were also coffee farmers. 

Rodrigo has also been involved in experimentation on his farms both on the crop husbandry and processing of his coffees and has the distinction of developing an entire lot of 'Purple Caturra' which he discovered on his farm. His farm has an extension of 18 hectares and at an altitude of 1,730 meters above sea level. 


The high altitude combined with cool tropical climate and optimal environmental conditions in its surroundings, enable coffee growth of great attributes. Several varieties such as Bourbon Rosado, Caturra Purpura, Bourbon 300, Red Caturra are grown in the estate. In general, the cup profiles to be found here are very fruity and offer great complexity. 


Palestina, Huila


Finca Monteblanco


Rodrigo Sanchez and Claudia Beltran


Red Caturra, Colombia F-6 and Pink Bourbon

Altitude Range



Washed, Sun-Dried

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